Ontario Division

Canadian Ski Patrol - Ontario Division

General Registered Canadian charity founded in 1941 by Doctor Douglas Firth. Continuous patronage of the Office of the Governor General of Canada. Over 5000 volunteer members servicing over 220 ski areas across Canada. Blue leaf and yellow cross logo, is recognized coast-to-coast as a symbol of ski / snowboard safety, and advanced first aid services. Members are annually exposed to over 19 million skiers Organization Organized geographically into nine Divisions with 63 localized Zones Board of Directors (seven members), elected annually by Zone Presidents Operational support provided by a National Office staff of three and a volunteer management team Education and Safety Promotion Produce, update and maintain all training manuals, materials and collateral teaching aids. Certification of instructors and conduct of first aid and safety training courses for all members Recertification of all members on an annual basis Federally accredited to provide first aid training in Canada Provision of Safety Programs to school groups across Canada Operations and Funding Provision of a customized turnkey service to ski areas including: uniforms rescue equipment transportation devices, and a variety of promotional and educational packages aimed at reducing the incidence of snow sport injuries Self-funded through membership fees paid by individual members, local fundraising efforts and donations

Algonquin Zone

Central Zone

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Frontenac Zone

Canadian Ski Patrol - Frontenac Zone

The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) is comprised of thousands of members, each with an individual set of reasons for being a patroller. It may be that you like to help people in need. It may be that you like to have a reason for being outside in the winter. Maybe it’s that you want to become a better skier or snowboarder. Maybe you’re looking to meet new friends. Whatever the reason, every member wearing the uniform of the CSP shares a desire to help others. All are dedicated to making skiing a safe and enjoyable recreational activity. The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) is a national, non profit corporation comprising highly trained volunteer and professional members. It was formed in 1941 to promote safe skiing and provide assistance to injured skiers. The CSP provides, without charge, a uniform, highly skilled and responsible service to snowboarders, downhill and cross-country skiers as well as assisting at non-skiing events. All members of the CSP must annual pass a rigid set of nationally set examinations covering all aspects of patrolling, including first aid, CPR, skiing and safe skiing, procedures and programs. Patrollers are well equipped to handle emergencies at any time and in any place. Ski Patrol training emphasizes adaptability and versatility in any emergency

Kawartha Zone

Muskoka Zone

Canadian Ski Patrol Muskoka Zone

Our Four Season Events, abbreviated as FSE will be highlighted on our events page here. If you are interested in getting involved with our community, this could be the way to do it! If you'd like to lend us your first aid experience, and learn about the patrol, please contact us.

Superior Zone

Western Zone

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